Be part of the inevitable next step of A.I. adoption | Tzager for everyone

A brief introduction..

The past years we have been working alongside our amazing customers and incredible partners in making Tzager the first Bayesian Brain built for healthcare that actually works. During this journey we faced many dilemmas and countless issues regarding the core architecture in combination with the importance of healthcare for the human species. (Let alone all the bugs).

Balancing between our thirst to solve the big healthcare problems and Intoolab’s existence, has been a challenge.

What Tzager already is..

Tzager is a Bayesian Inference architecture built for healthcare intelligence (you can learn more on Intoolab’s website). So far the platform is mainly used by teams of Pharmas, R&D’s and Universities that want to find connections between the different mechanisms in the human body, from Genes to whole systems. Tzager can give answers based on its already existed Bayesian Networks, on users’ documents and samples. So the platform is already an enterprise solution for healthcare with its own happy partners.

So far this business model works, both for Intoolab as a business and the support for the further development of Tzager.

So what is new here..

What is missing from the platform is to be part of the inevitable evolution of artificial intelligence. Which is definitely not just for enterprise.

It is now clear that our contribution to Artificial Intelligence is not just a Bayesian model that gives an output based on a question, but a computational intelligence that can be updated and trained based on the collaboration between humans and Bayesian brains.

In other words, we don’t just create a new kind of Bayesian inference engine, but more importantly, we make the infrastructure that will allow this intelligence to grow from its users.

Tzager for everyone.

We are more than happy to announce the token-based Tzager Personal accounts, where users/researchers/students will be able to create their own accounts by either contributing to Tzager’s knowledge, or paying a small monthly fee.

We want to make Tzager the most accurate intelligence (Artificial or not), solving the most important problems with your help and in return, you get to use Tzager through tokens, that you get as rewards, based on your contribution.

We are creating a closed Beta test of the new personal features and we are giving free whole access to the first adopters and testers for the first 3 months.

Reserve your Beta spot here.

We realize that this model is not something new and it could lead to a separate decentralized infrastructure for Tzager. But we want to take one step at a time.

More news is coming very soon, as we are going to announce the pipeline for the new features that will support both the Tzager Enterprise for teams and the Tzager Personal infrastructures.

If you want to be part of a “living” bayesian knowledge in the center of which researchers and users tackle the most important problems of healthcare… reserve your beta spot.

The next step is not just about information… but about universal adoption.